Heavy Flirting and the Holiday Season

I am not the only one who has noticed single women are more aggressive come the holiday season. Friends of mine have also commented that the coy and subtle practice is transformed into an overt expression of desire. Just walk through the department stores or a hip supermarket in a singles neighborhood and you will find women staring harder and longer. Even their body language is different; they most stand and face you, inviting and awaiting your approach. They pull it back only when men show little or no real sign of recognition. The single women at the cosmetics and beauty counters all but pounce on you as you go walking past. They wave skin conditioners and colognes you will never buy just so you will stop and talk. Even more reserved women will flirt openly and what they take for suggestively. Attractive women start conversations on the elevator, nervous their charms won’t work before you reach your floor.

I suppose nobody wants to be alone during the holiday season. Perhaps the Christmas spirit stirs up sexual desires coupled with the distaste for loneliness. For sure, few of us want to sit by ourselves on New Year’s Eve and watch Dick Clark or MTV bring in the New Year from distant places. All those candles, the incense, the eggnog, and the fireplace would seem to go to waste without someone to share them with you. Friends and family can only provide so much comfort, before you grab your coat and head back out into the cold, snowy weather or like us to the empty streets of West LA. The holiday season works its charms on nearly all of us. We want to be intimate and it is a real let down when there is no one to be intimate with. I wouldn’t go as far to say that come holiday season most of us are desperate for companionship. But I would say this is the season when we are most vulnerable. If a soppy commercial can compel us to buy some sentimental piece of junk, we are just as capable of investing our emotions, given the right approach even from a less than perfect stranger. You can’t change the world, and you sure can’t change what affects you during the holiday season. All we can do is try to be careful. At a time when you are feeling romantic and your guard is down, you can make the kind of mistake that will haunt you through the coming year and longer. There is no end to the amount of embarrassment and distress the wrong guy can cost you. The wrong man to warm the bed may go after your money or steal your identity. He doesn’t need much more than a chance to rifle through your wallet or to log on to your computer. So if you should be lucky enough to meet somebody new, be careful. When Mr. Possible starts knocking your email or carrying your bags from the store, realize that con artists are awfully good at what they do. Realize, tooFree Web Content, that your heart may be getting ahead of your head. Take a moment and spend a couple of bucks to run a background check on Mr. Christmas. It is one way to help to start the New Year without a major headache.

Author Gordon Basichis is the author of the best selling Beautiful Bad Girl, the Vicki Morgan Story, a non-fiction novel that helped define exotic sexuality in the late twentieth century.

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