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The Daily Mail UK - Fashion Blog Stars ...

By BagSnob

Thanks to the ever resourceful Michelle at My Fashion Life, we discovered we are featured in The Daily Mail in Londonthis week along with her, Scott the Sartorialist, and the Manoloas "The Fashion Blog Stars". Congrats to all our friends!
The online version of the article adds:
Bloggers can be the harshest critics of hyped-up fads and can pull a look from the reject rail and make it hot: so influential and well-read are these internet diarists that the industry’s biggest brand names are vying for a (positive) mention on their sites, and paying to advertise on the most popular pages – making it a lucrative occupation for those that receive a large number of ‘hits’

In addition to quoting us, it also states: **These self-appointed critics can make or break a bag – and possibly the brand behind it. ** Wow, are we that influential? We are devoted to helping people make informed choices when buying designer bags, if it means we have to be brutally honest, then so be it. Our loyalty is to our readers, not the brands trying to hype us into buying ugly bags! Thank you, dear readers, for your continued support.

Enlarged version of article here

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