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Speed Dating through the Eyes of a Mobile Blogger ...

By Sasha

Woot! It’ll be a treat. **SMS Text News****Ewan MacLeod** is going Speed Dating!

However, he did say he’s only in it for ‘research’ — he’ll be taking down notes on mobile phones used by the participants and he’s even hoping to get photos to document the phone sighting.

I’m a bit curious, though. He called it speed networking. Tis the first time I’ve encountered it being called such. Made me think twice if he’s indeed going on a speed dating event. Heh. (Er, perhaps you can check it out for me and tell me if I got it wrong..? If I did… oh, dear.)

This bit on his post made me laugh a little:

Hi I’m Ewan.

‘Hi Ewan, my name is Melanie, what do………’

Let me stop you there Melanie…


Is that a Nokia 3330 in your handbag I can see?

‘Yes actually?’

Have you had your main phone recently stolen?

‘No? Why… what do you..’

Are you telling me you’re seriously using a Nokia 3330 as your main handset?

‘Well yes, but what do…’


Heeheehee. I recommend you check the rest and have a chuckle.

Reminds me of that one time I went on a **speed dating** thingie myself. LOL.

**Hey, Ewan! **Perhaps you can use these! HEHEHE.

Can’t wait how this research project will turn out!

Hmmm. Now, I’m thinking if it’s possible to live-blog a speed dating event — as a participant! Gah.


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