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A Free Online Online Dating Service Guide. Part 1.

By Andriy

Being single can be tough sometimes, especially on Valentine’s Day. Personally, I’m somewhat of a connoisseur when it comes to online dating (I’ve met several of my ex-girlfriends online). In an effort to share the love, I’ve decided to share some hints & tips. That will hopefully save you some time and money that is involved in the online dating process. Regardless of whether you’ve already tried to find love online or not, I must tell you - it’s not that easy. First of all, it’s difficult to decide which dating site(s) to use. My personal favorite is Plenty of Fish. Its advantages being: it’s free, with no strings attached (supported with advertising revenue), large user base, and relative ease of use. However, the aspects that I don’t like about it are: poor design (the owner has scripted the whole site singlehandedly) and there is really too much advertising. However, the registration process is very simple, you can literally do it in 60 seconds. Then, you can immediately search for other singles in your area. The search interface is really simple and self-explainable. By default, it’s showing thumbnails of prospective dates. Getting in touch is easy and anonymous also - there is an internal messaging system, and you get an email if there is a message from someone in your inbox. This is definitely a site to try if you’re looking for love online.

To be continued…

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