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By shelley

Blue Mascara Is B*tchin’** Fab Sugar (read full article**)
What happens after midnight when you are wearing midnight blue mascara? Just bat your lashes and find out! The cobalt blue trend is really taking off. Not only will these lash extending mascaras make your eyes pop, but they are all formulated to lengthen, add volume and condition.

Death Hippie Apparel Line Couture in the City (read full article)
Each shirt is hand-treated after printing so no two shirts are alike. We’ve sought out the finest cotton and colors for our designs. The Tees are soft, thin and very comfortable.

As seen on cast of VH-1’s Best Week Ever and is worn my Jared Leto, Billy Bob Thornton, Elijah Wood, Brody Jenner to name a few.

6 Must-Have Spring 2007
Men’s Fashion Trends** Omiru****(read full article**)

Spring is the perfect time to stray away from the heavy fabrications and monochromatic tones of Winter and Fall and turn to breezy, lightweight and colorful fashions. Slim Shorts to Ghetto Gold - Silver has grown tired, so why not give it a break and bust out the yellow gold!

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Why We Love the New iPhone ** Style Hive****(read full article**)
This glorious Apple iPhone that looks like it came straight from the future has specs that would make anyone drool, tech geek or not. You thought the Motorola Q or the Blackjack was slim? The iPhone will beat them all. We could go on and on about this thing, but we’ll just lay it out here for you:

2007 apple blue fashion iphone mascara phone trends

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