The 9 Most Romantic Places in the World ...

There are some places in the World that inspire you to fall in love. In love with the World, and it’s natural beauty, and in love with the person you are’s unbelievable how you can be struck with such a pure emotion! I love going to these amazing places, and if you’d like to experience the amazing too, here are my recommendations...

1. India

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Photo Credit: JannaPham

Travel to Jaisalmer, Rajastan, and visit the gorgeous sand fort there. It stands tall above the desert, like a volcano out of the sea, and still serves as a citadel like it has since 1156. Its townhouses are decorated with intricate latticework, and the Royal rooms have been converted into hotel the hot, dusty air, time really does standstill, and you’ll see the beauty in everyone.

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