The 4th Annual Silver Spoon Dog and Baby Buffet ...

This just might be my favorite event all year. The swag is fantastic as you will soon see, but the best part of the Dog and Baby Buffet is that I get to discover some of the most ingenious and high quality products and services for dogs (I have two) and babies (I have THE cutest nephew on the planet). I learn so much at every event and also eat well since Hot Dog on a Stick always caters! Gotta love it.

But honestly, raising kids and dogs is hard. You have to be so careful what they eat, the fabrics that touch their skin, the products that they bathe with and more. It can be overwhelming and I only have dogs so I can't even begin to imagine what my friends with newborns are going through! But you can be an educated parent or bestest aunt or uncle ever by taking the time to know what items are the safest and highest quality for your kiddies, be they 2- or 4-legged.

So check out the 4th Annual Dog & Baby Buffet to pick up some of the latest and greatest must-haves to hit the celebrity baby and doggie scene!

**The 4th Annual Silver Spoon Dog & Baby Buffet**

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