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Styling Project Update the Ingredients ...

By Sasha

The day of the event had come and gone. Now, I’m giving you a glimpse of the “ingredients” of my **styling project**.

A generous serving of a dress.
A dash of shoes.
And, finally, sprinkle some accessories.

It’s been fun **shopping** for the dress, even when it only took us under an hour to locate, try on, and purchase it. The day when we scouted for the accessory, which I reckon clinches the look, the long beaded necklace — the same long beaded necklace I bought a few weeks ago only in silver instead of bronze — found in a nearby (relatively) flea market.

Like I said, we’ve chosen a 1920’s inspired silver-grey dress from Sari-Sari. Don’t you love the hem? The tassels are adorable, aren’t they? And I particularly liked the plunging V-neckline, complete with beaded details. The fabric used is seemed lace-like or crocheted or something.

I then worked with the 1920’s inspiration as I proceeded to plan her over-all look — a western 1920’s look.

She bought the grey and silver sandals with a 2-inch heel at **Rusty Lopez** (a local shoe brand) that offered great looking shoes at a reasonable price! She also bought a black pearl long necklace with matching dangling earrings before buying the silver long beaded necklace that I mentioned earlier.

Are you all excited about how it turned out? With these photos, I reckon you’re getting an idea on what she’ll look like! Well, stay tuned and I’ll be spilling more about this styling project I did real soon!

YES. I’ll be posting photos and details about my, er, “client”. I will divulge her name!

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