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So You Cant Cook

By partysugar

The other day I received a very interesting personal message from sandra in which she politely reminded me that not everyone is like YumSugar and myself. There are some people, my mom and geeksugar included, who do not cook and there is nothing wrong with that. It's simply that they have no interest in getting down and dirty in the kitchen. geeksugar even confessed that when she follows the recipe exactly as stated on the back of the tollhouse chocolate chip bag, her cookies come out flat and inedible. Well what happens when the geeksugars, sandras, and souschefs (my mom) of the world want to host a party? They order in. Virtually every major supermarket has a pre-cooked, readymade section of gourmet dishes and appetizers, cheese plates and pasta salads. And if you are one of those people who despises grocery shopping as much as you do cooking, check out the appetizer store an online market where you pick the hors d'oeurves and they are delivered to your door. You bake them in your oven, and you'll be able to tell your guests that you spent hours slaving over the stove.

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