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Steps into Your Dream Job ...

By FreFab

Dear Fashionalities:

**Q. I want to work at a great urban magazine but I have a feeling they will shoot me down because I do not have a lot of experience, what can i do? **

A. Any market you are interested in can and will be need to sell yourself right away...set yourself apart from everyone else that will want the job. Internships are ALWAYS key! Show that you know what you want and you are doing all you can to get where you want to be...if need be, intern at the magazine to prove you want the job and work evenings at a bar or will be tired, but in the end it will be worth can sell yourself quicker when you are in the place you want to be...also, since you want to be in the magazine industry, work at a record store, boutique, or something that correlates to the industry you want to work in so that you can become and "expert." I would also recommend writing a blog, or just having a blog on myspace to get your voice. Finally, know all of the competitors, go to the library or book store every other week and read as many magazines that you think will be the competitor for the magazine you want to work with so you know what everyone is doing...then, just be yourself, in the end that is what is going to get you the j-o-b!

Good luck, and for more sites to help you find the opportunities go to:

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