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**Louis Vuitton & Details Party, California

Rosario Dawson ruins what would have been perfection, with those granny ass shoes.

Taryn Manning needs to find someone who can give her an all over spray tan as her legs are a different colour to her arms and her face. Other than that the dress, hair and shoes are all fantastic.

Cute from Emmy Rossum. I love the neckline detail.

I hate this from Serena Williams. The dress is too old for her. I am very surprised at her choice here.

What is with Tara Reid and head bands? Wrong again lady.

Kelly Carlson continues to show her love for France in another beret.

Rachel Zoe insists on wearing over-sized clothes. Honey, we know how skinny you are, it is too late trying to hide it.

**Showtime Summer and Fall 2007 TCA's, California

Speaking of skinny. I really like Mary-Kate Olsen's outfit here, especially the belt. But she needs to work on her posing.

Much Love Animal Rescue Benefit, LA

Gorgeous on Hilary Duff. I love the ruffles.

Also gorgeous on Haylie Duff.

Tori Spelling brought 2 dogs to this event, how nice of her.

Lia Sophia Jewelry Dinner Party, Malibu

Paris Hilton still needs to work on that wonky eye.

Nicki Hilton needs to work on looking happy.

Grand Opening of Yves Castaldi, California

What can I say that has not been said about Tara Reid's hideous style? Get a stylist honey PLEASE or stay at home.

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