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**"Hairspray" Premiere, LA

I am a little disappointed in Amanda Bynes. This is just plain boring. Is it from her new 'Dear' by Amanda Bynes fashion collection?

Is Queen Latifah still in character? If not I must ask why did she wear that wig?

I like the dress, but hate the colour on Nikki Blonsky.

Michelle Pfeiffer shows young Hollywood how it is done. Effortlessly, but perfectly.

I am surprised that I actually like this dress on Kelly Preston. She normally over does it.

Vanessa Hudgens is the best dressed at the event in my opinion. I love everything from the shoes, the dress, the bracelets, to the hair. Perfect.

I have been informed that her dress is by Jay Godfrey, who is really hot at the moment.

Last time I critiqued Ashley Tisdale she was cute. Here? Just plain trashy.

Cat Deeley is a beautiful girl, so where did it went wrong?

I believe it was the attempted Farrah Fawcett hairstyle.

Brittany Snow wearing a yellow Catherine Malandrino dress, ruins it with black shoes.

HATING the dye job on Carmen Electra. Bring back the trashy blonde.

The Late Show With David Letterman, New York

Why does Sienna Miller get two entrances? Is it because the first outfit was so incredibly hideous she was forced to change?

I love the black dress by Rick Owens.

"Hairspray" Premiere, Canada

Nikki Blonsky looks cute in this red number.

Amanda Bynes needs to work on her look. I am not sure she knows what her style is. Which is ironic considering she will be releasing her own fashion line.

**"Ms. Kelly" Album Release Party, New York

Kelly Rowland showed off her best asset. Her legs.

Michelle Williams looks nice on her rare night out.

Beyonce Knowles was kind enough to wear this suck ass outfit in order to allow Ms. Kelly to be the main star of the night.

Ouch. That much have hurt.

Is Dani Evans even a model anymore? I have never seen her do anything. In fact the only one from ANTM I have seen do anything is Eva Pigford.

Celebration of MLB All Star Game, San Francisco

Alyssa Milano is so very cute here. It has been a while since I saw her on the red carpet.

Yes yes we know you are on the front of Playboy.

Garcelle Beauvais reminds us of what she looked like before she got knocked up with twins.

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