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LORAC Cosmetics/Miss Davenporte Showstopper Launch Party, LA

Isn't she gorgeous? The thing that gets me is that Ashley Olsen isn't even trying.

Alyson Hannigan for the second event in a row looks amazing. She has truly grown in style.

Universal Media Studios Emmy Party, LA

Wow. What a great colour on Ali Larter. I especially like the cut of the dress at the back.

I love a good pair of wide-legged pants. Camille Guaty outfit is just my kind of style.

Planet Terror Photocall, Spain

I am loving the red hair, but not the leopard print on Rose McGowan.

Planet Terror Premiere, Spain

That's better. Rose McGowan looks better in this lavender dress.

AVON Global Ambassador Event, LA

Reese Witherspoon wearing Nina Ricci looks divine as always. Great shoe choice. I would have been so disappointed had she worn black shoes.

White Ribbon Day, White Tie Dinner Fundraiser, Sydney

I am sure many would think this Prada dress was amazing, but apart from the colour on Nicole Kidman, I really hate it. It just doesn't make sense. Had the ruffles reached the floor I may have liked it.

Fuse's "The Sauce", New York

Learn to pose Ashley Tisdale.

The View, New York

Ashley wears this Juicy Couture again. But in a different colour.

MTV TRL, New York

I can not believe Beyonce is wearing Roberto Cavalli. I was certain she was wearing her own designs, The House of Diarrhoea.

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, LA

Three kids and Heidi Klum still has an amazing body. I could really learn to hate her.

Heidi is wearing a 'not yet on sale item', the Christian Louboutin Emily Shoe. Reason #2 to hate her. But I can't, I love her.

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