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The Inspi(RED) Event, LA

For this event the outfit works for Kim Kardashian. It is obviously very tight, but not too trashy.

Even Bai Ling's outfit is quite cute at this event.

Melanie Brown did not get the brief to "wear red".

She as been wearing a lot of silk lately, which for her is not very flattering, as she like to wear sizes smaller than her actual size. Maybe she is having trouble converting UK and US sizing.

She attended this event with her boyfriend who's name I can not be bothered to look up because she never keep men for long.

"Rush Hour 3" Premiere, LA

By Paris Hilton's low standards this dress is hideous.

"Stardust" Premiere, LA

This is a perfect show stopping backless Azzaro by Vanessa Seward dress with diamante detail on Claire Danes. My only problem is the burgundy shoes.

This Lanvin dress does not keep in line with the "super sexy to make 20something's feel jealous" look Michelle Pfeiffer has been sporting lately.

UK TV presenter Claudia Winkleman is doing the Mandy Moore pose i.e. posing on one leg. Strange I know.

"The Early Show", New York

Jennifer Lopez is the queen of perfection, so I can only image the hemline coming loose is part of the design of the dress.

Stuff Magazine Music Issue Party, Las Vegas

Kim Kardashian is half way on her journey back to Trashville. I knew her demure look of late would not last.

I hate to admit it, but she does look kinda cute here.

Haylie Duff, sometimes she blows hot, sometimes cold. Today? Cold.

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