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British Fashion Awards 2007, London

I hope this bubblegum pink strapless dress was supposed to be ironic and poke fun at the British Fashion Awards.

Was Lily Allen having a laugh at the expense of the British Fashion Awards?

Sadly no this dress is from 2006 British Designer Of The Year Giles Deacon This is from the Spring 2008 collection.

So called supermodel Agyness Deyn also wore this black Giles Spring 2008 gown, which I think would have looked so much better strapless.

Kelly Osbourne is wearing a sexy satin maroon off-the-shoulder gown with a black clutch. She has had another great hair cut, but I just wish she would smile once in a while.

Dita Von Teese is normally the epitome of style, but this gold shimmering Marchesa Fall 2007 dress is not working on her pale skin, plus the dress also looks too big on her. Maybe this is because we are used to seeing Dita in fitted tailored outfits.

Thankfully Thandie Newton was the shining light for British fashion wearing Giles Spring 2008.

"The Golden Compass" Premiere, London

Eva Green is back to her best in this backless black sequined dress. Her last sequined dress was a disaster.

Nicole Kidman continues to insist on wearing colours that wash out that pale skin.

Annual Gotham Awards, New York

Uma Thurman braved the red carpet with either invisible make-up, or no make-up at all and still looks fantastic. She is wearing a Gucci Fall 2007 gown.

I love this electric blue empire waist dress on Kerry Washington. The ruby pumps really work well.

The 6th Annual "It's Always Something" Variety Show, Canada

Nelly Furtado usually beautiful, but this is only working from the neck down for me.

I just love her turquoise Herve Leger dress, but wish she would return to brunette, but by the looks of it, so do her roots.

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