Social Events of the Week

"Revolver" Screening, New York

Madonna looks every inch the A lister in this black satin dress with a camel waist belt.

I love the cute curls, but hate the roots. They can be forgiven as this has very much been Madonna signature.

I wish Sarah Jessica Parker would have lost the bear coat. I bet her outfit was fabulous underneath.

Bee Movie Premiere, Paris

This dress is very plain for Renee Zellweger, but I do like it. I hope she wears makes a greater effort at the London Premiere on Thursday.

"The Golden Compass" Premiere, New York

Eva Green is very statuesque in this Dior Fall 2007 dress.

Scandinavian Mansion of Style Event, LA

As you would expect from Britney Spears a total car crash.

What I don't get though is that cutesy grin. We all know about her wild antics and I don't think we bought this cutesy grin since "Oops I Did It Again", were she claimed that she was not that innocent.

Speaking of car crashes. Both Paris Hilton and Sharon Stone were in attendance.

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