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"Awake" Premiere, New York

Jessica Alba attended this premiere wearing a black lace dress. She also wore the much talked about (by me), and coveted (my many) Bling Blings by Christian Louboutin in Silver. I prefer the Pewter (Gunmetal) colour, but these are just as cute.

Rachel Bilson is wearing a Abaete Spring 2008 strapless white and blue dress, which does not suit her at all, as it looks a little ill-fitting.

"Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs" Gala Premiere, London

My mother is one of those beautiful, gorgeous and glamourous women who wears lipstick at home and never visibly ages much like Iman and Jerry Hall. So imagine my horror at seeing Jerry looking like this.

Bangs? Darker hair? Large coat covering a wider frame?

Is this really Jerry Hall?

Sadly it is. I know I complain about Elizabeth Hurley being stuck in a time-warp of fashion, but Jerry's long blonde hair and style was more classic than dated.

Rock the Vote Event, LA

Christina Aguilera wore this silk ruffle trim evergreen dress by Vanitas whilst posing sexily, which is quite disturbing. I wonder how many months pregnant she will be before she stops doing that? I know it is her thing, but seriously, stop it.

She teamed her dress with Patent Platform T-Strap Sandals by Louboutin.

Speaking of pregnant, someone needs to tell Kimberly Stewart that this is not a good look for her as she looks about 6 months pregnant.

Also what started out as a cute cut is now a disaster. Fix it.

"The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" Premiere, New York

Chloe Sevigny can do no wrong.

The Elton John AIDS Foundation Party, London

Summer is a long and distant memory, but Elizabeth Hurley is still comfortable wearing white.

On the opposite end of the colour spectrum Kelly Osbourne is head to toe in black. I love the high-waisted skirt as it elongates her new trimmer figure.

I don't know about you, but I am hating this new hair cut.

Whilst out shopping for shoes yesterday I saw Camilla Al Fayed in Harrods, her father's store.

Had I known she was going to wear those cute Tuxedo Louboutin's I would have asked her where she got them from, because I can not find them anywhere on the net.

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