Social Events of the Week

Grand Opening LAX Nightclub, Las Vegas

I am glad that Britney Spears wore that hat, because I dread to think what it looks like under there.

I will give Britney a 'C' for effort and that is mostly only because of the YSL tribute pumps. The dress makes her look wider than she actually is....or maybe she is that wide who knows?

Nicky Hilton is an attractive girl, but she just does not know how to dress. I don't think this dress suits her at all.

Great legs though.

Venice Film Festival, Italy

Charlize Theron is gorgeous in this Collette Dinnigan dress. I would not have worn nude Louboutin's with this dress, but Charlize pulls it off.

Jaeger Le Coulter Host Celebration Party at the Venice Film Festival, Italy

Diane Kruger looks fantastic in this black mini dress. I especially love her make-up and hair.

Not loving this dress on Joely Richardson AT ALL.

Private Launch of Twenty8Twelve, London

For people launching a fashion collection, I would have thought Sienna Miller would have made more of an effort. Savannah on the other hand looks lovely.

Playing For Good VIP Beach Club Party, Spain

Whenever the US gets bored of Paris Hilton she comes over to Europe.

She does look nice here in this white sequined dress. Terence on the other hand is HOT!!!!!

Via Celebrity Pictures, Entertainment News Photo ... & Via Celebrity Pictures, Entertainment News Photo ...

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