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Cipriani Wall Street Concert Series, New York

I love the way Rihanna is constantly changing her bob, keeping it fresh and new.

This is a cute gold metallic dress, but Ri-Ri is just not selling it to me. A hand on the hip or a bit more sassy would have made the dress look more than a piece of material hanging from 2 black straps.

"We Own the Night" Premiere, New York

Eva Mendes is wearing a white Valentino 2008 Resort gown and looks sensational. There have been many reports that Eva is pregnant. No signs of it here to me. If anything she looks thinner than normal.

"Gone Baby Gone" Premiere, LA

Michelle Monaghan is wearing a taupe Derek Lam Fall 2007 one shouldered dress.

Michelle does not go for the safe options on the red carpet, which I love (when it works). I am going to keep my eye on her.

"Late Show with David Letterman", New York

I am so over the whole "Is Jennifer Lopez pregnant?" debate. I have worked in PR and this is an obvious attempt to keep her name in the press in the hope that we all go out and buy her latest album, which I heard is a. not doing so well and b. not very good.

All is not lost because Jenny Lo is wearing a great pair of thigh-high Louboutin's which I covet. For most, these boots would scream "ho", but Jennifer knows how to make them work well for her without the "ho" tag.

"Late Show with David Letterman", New York

From one baby-mama to another, Halle Berry is embracing motherhood in this Galliano mini dress.

Glamour Reel Moments Presented by Clinique, LA

Kate Hudson makes this simple white shirt and black mini skirt, look like it cost a fortune.

It probably did.

Kirsten Dunst is wearing a chic black frayed, three tier asymmetrical dress with gunmetal pumps. I love her style and this goes towards erasing my memory of her Costume Institute Gala disaster.

I love Lisa Rinna. I wish she had not ruined her lips.

She looks very sexy here in a black high-waisted pencil skirt, bra revealing shirt and gold Louboutin's. This is definitely a look I would wear.

JTN Vision Awards, LA

Natalie Portman is pretty in Prada.

"Why Did I Get Married?" Premiere, New York

Funnily enough I actually like this shirt-dress on Janet Jackson. This is a first because I don't normally get Janet's sense of style.

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