Sligh of Relief: 'Idol' Contestant Kicked to the Curb ...

Chris Sligh was the unlucky contestant on **American Idol **to be voted off on Wednesday night. The quick-wit Sligh had been a fan favorite early on in the show. He will be remembered for his hair, personality and quirky snap at Simon during one episode.

Chris Sligh again proved that a poor performance that comes early in the show can be fatal, even to someone who hasn’t been in danger yet. He was out of synch on “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic,” and thus became the third of the 12 original finalists eliminated.

Onstage, Sligh was Taylor Hicks without the herky-jerky dance moves and gray hair, but also seemed to lack the ability or desire to cut loose and go for broke like Hicks did. Ultimately, that left his performances too uninspiring to garner the support he needed to advance.

Phil Stacey and Haley Scarnato were the other two singers to join Sligh in the bottom three. Don’t feel sorry for Sligh though, he is very comfortable in front of the camera and with his wits and talent he will end up working somewhere in Hollywood. I can already see him commenting on VH1’s Best Week Ever.

Joke of the year Sanjaya Malakar wasn’t even in the bottom three as the campaign to vote for the worst appears to have gained heavy steam.

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