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Pop Nosh Heidi Has a New Set of Hills

By popbytes

heidi montag from 'the hills' went ahead and got herself some new friends (she needs friends!)

oh my gosh! i've seen this lady on hollywood blvd and always wondered what her story was...

does this count as one of the seven signs? lindsay lohan and hilary duff have now become pals!

what does britney spears think was her biggest mistake? surprise surprise yup it's kevin federline

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gwen stefani is being featured in harper's bazaar for her incredible sense of fashion! go gwen!

scarlett johansson is still on the man prowl is now rumored to be involved with ryan phillipe!

the kate moss rumored sextape consists of: kate pleasuring herself while pete is passed out cold!

anyone dig american idol last night? who will go home tonight? we all know sanjaya will hang on...

keith richards isn't so hardcore after all...he didn't snort his dad's ashes but thought about it!

more pictures of halle berry getting her star on the walk of fame yesterday! she looks so fabulous

i don't really know who she is but the UK seems happy with lucy pinder topless & showing nipples!

ha - paris hilton should get a zamboni to drive around town - read on if you don't know zambonis

jennifer lopez is the next celeb to be feeling bad for britney! soon there'll be a support group!

madonna's H&M ads over in the UK were struck by graffiti - it actually looks kinda cool though!

oh i bet angelina jolie is overjoyed by the fact that tori spelling took inspiration from her...

kellie pickler i wonder**what the buck?** on jenna jameson & more!

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