Sanjaya Does the Letterman Top Ten!

hey hey! tonight on **the late show** with dave letterman - the latest american idol reject aka sanjaya malakar (i still adore that sanjaya anthem) will be presenting the top ten list on things he learned from being on idol! now that he's gone from the competition i can appreciate him a drop more - i've even made amends with my pal kevin at work (oh yes he was the one who voted for sanjaya 15x last go round) i'm excited to see what happens this week - plus there's that whole idol gives back thing going down - could be good times? (i don't know about that whole celine dion & elvis presley questionable duet...) popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo!

PS this week regis philbin returns to his morning show with kelly ripa and yup dave letterman will be regis' first guest! (don't forget they used the very same doctor for their successful heart surgeries!)

things sanjaya malakar learned from american idol
10. the camera adds ten pounds to your mohawk
9. work hard and make sacrifices, you can finish in 7th place
8. it's very important to "keep it real, dawg"
7. i should have gone for the immunity idol

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