Bully for Billy


Bully for Billy
Bully for Billy

Sometimes, I like to pretend that I'm one of those pared down bare necessities type of women, but then I pinch myself and remember that I've been prone to anxiety if I don't have all my stuff at hand...and I have a lot of stuff.

For that alone, I remain grateful to designers who seem to not heed the herd call that oversized bags are over, and continue to create them, and create them well.
One of those is French designer Jerome Dreyfuss.

The Billy Bag in the medium size, is perfect. There is an outer compartment, perfect for small stuff like a cell phone, or cash card, and a large main compartment which closes with 2 snaps, and is tucked inside the top triple snap decoy closure.

There is an element of convertibility to the bag - the unsung trend of the season, with so many folding totes around - though it's a bit clunky to carry by the mid-body shoulder strap. Actually, I prefer that belt tucked inside the bag altogether.

The leather is extremely soft, and scrunchy, and while it is available in several colors, I think white looks so fresh and modern.

This bag is available from La garconne for $628. Shop Bop has other colors and the large size from $470-$590.

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