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Can it be true? Is that a smiling model that I spy?

At Lacoste, in lieu of the walking dead we got smiling, healthy looking girls sporting a natural but fun look that's incredibly easy to recreate.

A little black liner with a couple of coats of mascara does the job for eyes, but what's important here is that the black fringe extends all the way around the eye, so don't forget the bottom lashes! My pick for these tiny lashes is **Blinc Kiss Me Mascara**; you don't want to build scary volume or length for those bottom lashes anyway, and the Kiss Me won't budge or migrate all day.

For cheeks, go for the new shade of **Becca Lip & Cheek Creme**, Blossom.

Lips get a coat of NARS Sweet Dreams Lip Gloss, with a dot of silvery Harlow in the center. You can pick up **both shades in a double-ended wand**; they go perfectly together and I find myself reaching for this duo all the time.


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