Fashion Week Outfit Challenge ...


Fashion Week Outfit Challenge ...
Fashion Week Outfit Challenge ...

Don't we all wish we were at Fashion Week right now? I know I do... I would have all of my outfit strategically planned (I would also be in debt)... I would look fantastic, rubbing elbows with the celebs, the editors, and models. People would be complimenting my great taste and telling me fabulous I was. Yeah... It's fun to pretend.

StyleItis making it even more fun to pretend with a Fashion Week contest (click here for instructions). If you pick out your prefect outfit using ThisNext and tag it Style It, you will be eligible to win one of those much hyped (and back ordered) Rakku shoe wheels. Try it out, its way fun and plus how often do you get to play make believe and get something in return.

Here is one of my fashion week outfits:

If I were at fashion week- this is what I would wear? I would look chic and sexy in black and white. A sprinkle of Chloe, a dash of Vivienne Westwood... spiked Diors on my feet and super smoked out eyes. Ohhh and you can't forget the Fendi bag to tie it all together.

See more of my Fashion Week list at ThisNext.

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