The Seen New York Fashion Week Day 2 ...


The Seen New York Fashion Week Day 2 ...
The Seen New York Fashion Week Day 2 ...

Hang around the tents long enough, and you’re bound to run into some colorful people. Day two of New York Fashion Week was no exception, bringing out some of my favorite people. Socialites Lydia Hearst and Birdie Bell made an appearance, as well as Daily Telegraph journalist (and Britain’s Next Top Model stylist) Hilary Alexader. Fellow Top Model expert (and photographer) Nigel Barker was seen lounging front row with Mickey Boardman of Paper Magazine.

Most likely an unrecognizable face (unless you’ve spent some time in the tents) is Anike Rabiu. She, however, is a complete gem of a person. I was fortunate enough to meet her as she was handing out WWD’s to Fashion Week attendants. She dished the scoop as to who was coming through the front doors and always put a smile on my face.

Patrick McDonald and Cator Sparks are both fashionable men about town. Patrick wears many hats (writer, editor, stylist) but is always recognizable by his unique fashion sense and his fabulous eyebrows. He is not only a wealth of information, but he is also gracious and kind. Look for his work in issues of Mao magazine. Catch up with Cator Sparks as he mans-around-town on his blog. Look for his writing in such magazines such as GQ, Genre and Out Traveler.

Lauren Ezersky is best know for her work as the face of Behind the Velvet Ropes. She has to be one of the most fabulous women I have ever encountered. I am always astonished as to how gracefully and beautifully she wears her grey hair, something which is seen as such a stigma of getting older.

Want to get to know these style icons a little better? Check out their New York Magazine Video Lookbooks.

Cator Sparks

Lauren Ezersky

Check out Patrick Mcdoald’s interviews with Fashion News Live.

Interview 1

Interview 2

And a joint interview with Lauren Ezersky

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