Besides the "nu-rave" Crap, Paris and Milan's Menswear Shows Look Good

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For the über-trendy teenagers reading this, who actually enjoy looking like sci-fi-influenced candy ravers circa 1993, sorry -- but I hate your clothes. Fortunately, it seems I'm not the only one that isn't excited about the "nu-rave" trend that designers, and a few fashion bloggers seem to think will be all the rage in 2007. And, as noted by the Guardian's Hadley Freeman, while major designers may be temporarily caving to this desperate attempt "to find a youth trend to fill the vacuum left by the inevitable self-destruction of the Libertines," their Paris and Milan shows were otherwise successful.

Check out the article for a full run down on all the designer's contributions, but my personal favorite is Slimane at Dior. By refining British punk and mod styles, the designer captures both the chaos and the masculinity that seem to be central in our current return to rock (or grunge, or whatever). Clothes like this (or even the Burberry outfit pictured at right) dress up for a trendy day at the office, or down for a night out at your favorite rock club -- where, with any luck, you'll be listening to your city's latest, greatest, 70s-inspired grunge/rock/punk outfit. Classic.
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