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Fall 07 Fashion Week - NYC

By Christina

Fashion and fragrance are two topics that are always just a bit beyond me - I love to wear great clothes, but too much of them just put me in a tailspin. Thankfully I have some great friends that are soooo in the know, and are at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week now, so I don’t have to be. (Actually, I was excited back in December because it looked like I might get to go, but naturally it didn’t work out that way. Ha!)

Anyhow, we are a weekend down, and have seen some great shows already, so check out my friends who have been working hard all through the weekend to bring you the great stuff:

Second City Style - Akiko Ogawa

BeautyAddict does BCBG - I am not that crazy about the collection, but the makeup is full of wonderful things we can actually take home.

Second City Style and FashionTribes cover the Heart Truth Red Dress Collection, always a favorite for us celeb watchers. I can just see Billie Jean King working it down the runway to Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean - too cute!

The Daily Obsession - I luuuurve the Rag & Bone collection!

More great stuff to come as the week goes on! I hope you gals are having a wonderful time at the shows!

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