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REVIEW Loreal Shocking Mascara ...

By Elke

Well, moving on to much bigger and better things.

I mean, are you ready?
Are you sitting down?

I just found the holy grail of all mascaras.
I'm not kidding.

Loreal">*4&offerid=57302.331819152&type=10&subid="'>Loreal Shocking in Waterproof.

L'Oreal introduces New Volume Shocking 2-Step Volume Construction Mascara, the first 2-step mascara to build super-lush, luminous lashes with extreme volume.

* Ophthamologist and allergy tested.
* Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
* Fragrance-free.

While the image shows the regular version, I gotta say the Waterproof is to die for. Seriously.

Paired with a Step 1 to prime lashes, and Step 2 to darken and lengthen lashes, I noticed that while Step 1 really didn't do that much, it did help Step 2 go on smoother. That was about it.

But Step 2? Wow! I've never had lashes look so long and thick. And the comb-like applicator is perfect. You have to see it to believe it. I have just found the #1 mascara of all time. Super thick, long, dark lashes. False eyelashes wish they looked this good.

One small pet peeve though that I'm totally willing and able to look past. It does take elbow grease and muscle power to get this stuff off. I mean, like a heavy duty oily eye makeup remover and nothing less. And it'll take a good two tries.

But if this is all I have to put up with to get mega lashes that don't dry out my eyes, looks fantastic all day long and doesn't flake off, I'm so there.

**Loreal">*4&offerid=57302.331819152&type=10&subid="'>Loreal Shocking Mascara
in Waterproof.**

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