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As a very keen reader, I have a pretty wide vocabulary, but there are always more words to learn. So occasionally I have to look up a word to find out what it means. Today I thought I’d look up some random words in the dictionary, just to see what came up …

1. Baby Grand

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This is rather a silly phrase, when you think about it. A baby grand is still a pretty big object, so what’s the point in attaching the word ‘baby’ to it? Why not call it a medium grand, or a middle grand?

2. Successful

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Hmmm. I’m not sure that this particular selection wasn’t some kind of cosmic joke at my expense. Especially if it’s referring to my love life, which should probably be declared a disaster area by the UN. Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

3. Overwork

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Here’s a word that must strike a chord with a lot of people! What with jobs (sometimes working long hours), looking after children and caring for the home, many of us feel as though we are doing the work of three people. The joys of modern life …

4. Newfoundland

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Yes, it’s one of those dictionaries that has proper names in it. I’d be curious to know if we do, in fact, have any readersfrom Newfoundland? If so, this post’s dedicated to you.

5. Uncontrollably

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This makes me think of the times when something makes you laugh so hard that you just can’t stop. Has that ever happened to you? It did happen to me recently, and I laughed for eight hours. Every time I thought of the funny event that started me off, I began laughing again.

6. String along

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If you’ve not come across this phrase (it might not be familiar to more youthful readers), if you string someone along it means that you deceive them, most likely for a prolonged period. Kids, this is not very nice. Although it can be fun, depending on the circumstances …

7. Martian

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Well, this is certainly a random word in the dictionary. As the great David Bowie wondered, ’Is there life on Mars?’ Is there indeed, David. Who knows. Maybe one day all those incredibly expensive missions to the Red Planet will actually come up with proof.

8. Empty-headed

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This word is defined in most dictionaries by the simple phrase ‘Paris Hilton’. That sums it up perfectly. Is there any head more empty than the fluff-brained heiress? Can you think of anyone else who can serve as a human definition of the word?

9. Flirtatious

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I love the sound of this word. Try it out, and let it roll around your tongue. It’s one of those words that seems to encapsulate the meaning in its look and sound. Plus being flirtatious is a lot of fun.

10. Patchwork

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This is my final random word from the dictionary. Any patchwork fans here? Mind you, it can also mean something made from various parts, such as a theory comprised of ideas that don’t seem to go together.

I was surprised that my random search through the dictionary didn’t come up with more unusual or obscure words. Why don’t you try it yourself? Grab your dictionary, have a flick through, and tell us what you find

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