Pepsi Gives the Super Bowl the Silent Treatment

Super Bowl ads are usually associated with loud noises and a lot of hoopla. However this year, PepsiCo is planning on changing all of that. This Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 3, PepsiCo will air a 60-second commercial filmed in American Sign Language. The commercial, which will air during the pregame show, was created by and features employees of PepsiCo. It will promote both Pepsi and Lay's Potato Chips in the spot, but its main goal is to create awareness for the American deaf community.

The spot, which is called Bob's House, started out as a pet project of several employees. They wrote, created, and taped a demo. The demo got such great internal buzz that senior Pepsi management felt they should give it a big stage. After watching it, I completely understand why. The commercial, which is approved by the National Association of the Deaf is actually quite clever.

Two guys are headed to their friend's house to watch the big game. Unfortunately, neither of them knows which house is his. I'd tell you what happens next, but it would really give the punchline away. I suggest you tune in on Super Bowl Sunday, but if you can't wait, check out the commercial and the making of when you

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