Sit Eat and Be Merry - BECAUSE I SAID so


Sit Eat and Be Merry - BECAUSE I SAID so
Sit Eat and Be Merry - BECAUSE I SAID so

I had the wonderful delight of rendezvousing with THE Mrs. Nearlywed this evening so that we could continue with the tying of all of the "loose ends" to prepare for my Saturday nuptials.

For any of you readers who are undecided about booking a day-of coordinator -
*Mrs. Nearlywed is WONDERFUL, by the way, and you should check her availability ;) *

Mrs. Nearlywed helped me to navigate through the mess that has slowly transformed from the guest bedroom to the wedding bedroom. In all of the ways that I am not a wedding planner - she is! And she is extraordinary at it!!! She's guided me through helping to figure out what to do about the table settings and decorations and when I should do what and how. I, on the other hand, have been a slacker bride - despite the DIY project I've posted most recently.

Tonight I'm trudging through the seating list... *UGH*... and it's fast becoming my least favorite thing to do. Husband2be just spent a little under an hour getting a mini-lecture on how WE should be seating people. Surely there's etiquette to it that I don't know about and probably am not following but *honestly?* there was nothing wrong with how we were doing it!!! Family were able to be seated near/with each other and placements were made VERY strategically. He finally just now got off the phone now and I managed to figure out the seating so that everyone *hopefully* is happy.

The one thing that can make me happy through this whole process is my dad. He created our seating and table arrangement with the restaurant owner (who doesn't speak English!) and check out what he drew up...

My favorite part is the "imaginary line" *why???* that he drew in. Isn't the whole point of an imaginary line that you don't see it? *shrug* I have no idea.

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