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Peep Accessories BIG SALE

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"At Peep*Accessories, we know that it's not about what all the other girls are wearing, but about expressing your own personal style and taste... Our inspiration comes from vintage styles, the latest runway shows, fabrics, embellishments, and just about everything else we see around us. From the fashion forward to the fashion rebel and everyone in between, there is a Peep* style to fit anyone's taste. Getting a Peep accessory is like getting a handmade gift: you know that no one else will have something quite like it, and, best of all, it's made to fit your personality."

Chocolate peppermint cupcake sachets - You know how when you get a box of cupcakes from the bakery and you promise yourself that they'll last longer than half an hour this time? And then you put your favorite movie on, and all of a sudden the box is empty and you just can't remember how it happened? Well, you might not be able to eat our cupcakes, but at least they'll keep you smiling (they're cute and they smell awesome) for years and not just minutes this time. (Although, we fully condone eating cupcakes as often as possible.)

A 5-1/2" X 2-1/2" X 2-1/2" handmade bakery box with a cellophane window holds two cupcake sachets. Sachets are filled with a super long lasting (we're talking years) chocolate peppermint scent. Each sachet is approximately 2-1/2" high and 7-1/2" round. SALE $22.50

Prep school bag - Just because you weren't one of those girls caught smoking in the bathroom doesn't mean you didn't have a wild side. Don't worry: this super preppy argyle handbag will carry as many secrets as you do. Carry it in olive green to stay true to your sophisticated side (we won't tell anyone that you're still meeting your boyfriend under the bleachers of your high school). Approximately 10-1/2" x 6-1/2" x 3" (at widest point). P.S. - This bag is not one-of-a-kind. SALE $81.00

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