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Paris Hilton Returns to Court...sort of

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The Los Angeles City Attorney filed a motion yesterday demanding a hearing before Judge Michael Sauer to determine why the Sheriff's Department allowed Paris Hilton to get out of jail when the judge had expressly ordered her to serve out her entire sentence. Paris was scheduled to appear in court today at 9 AM, but, of course, has been allowed to appear via phone instead. TMZ reports that at this moment there's a war going on in the courtroom between Paris' lawyer, the City Attorney, and the Sheriff's Dept.

And in case you were wondering, this is what it looks like outside Paris Hilton's home right now. There's at least five news choppers circling and an armada of paparazzi on the street. Because, really, this is the most important thing that has ever happened in the history of time. George Washington could come back from the dead and he'd just end up getting trampled to death by all the news people trying to get to Paris' house.

UPDATE: Judge Michael T. Sauer has ordered that Paris Hilton appear in court for the hearing and has sent a Los Angeles County Sheriff's vehicle to pick her up.

Photo Credit: Flynet

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