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Divorce Time in Hollywood

By popbytes

good morning! this week **national enquirer** is screaming divorce for three hollywood couples - i'm not sure on the exact statistics of failed marriages but when it comes to celebrities it must be something like one out of every two marriages end in divorce! so chances are eventually one of the featured couples will be heading to splitsville - if i had to guess i would say matt lauer (that's probably because i totally love courtney cox arquette & kelly ripa)

in other stories it sounds like there's trouble brewing for duane chapman aka dog the bounty hunter with claims of racist rants, crack smoking, & domestic violence - not good times! then there's goldie hawn's supposed facelift - gosh i'd love to see her do more films - she is one of the best comedic actresses - i was just talking about her yesterday and how much i love foul play! (and overboard rocks too!) at the bottom there's a bit on liposuction which never seems to work out so well - everytime i've seen that procedure done on TV - i totally get grossed out - yuck! finally there's lindsay lohan with pills in rehab and is britney spears dating a drug counselor? (she should be dating a career counselor!) popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

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