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Is Hefner's Number One Girl Pregnant

By steph

Hugh Hefner’s number one girlfriend Holly Madison has sparked reports she’s pregnant with the 81-year-old’s fifth child by crying off TV interviews in Monaco with a morning sickness and refusing to party with her fellow bunnies.

The pretty Oregonian, 27, created a storm of speculation at the Monte Carlo Television Festival earlier this week, where she has promoting reality TV show The Girls Next Door with Hefner’s other girlfriends Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt, by missing parties and covering up.

While her blonde pals were flitting between international TV interviews and exclusive soirees, Madison chose to lie low.

She even missed Kendra’s 22nd birthday bash, which was held on the girls’ second night in the European party capital, and noticeably steered clear of alcohol - something expectant moms are advised not to touch.

But the pregnancy reports hit fever pitch when Madison sat for a string of interviews on her balcony at the Hotel du Paris - all she wanted to do was talk babies.

She was overheard telling one reporter, “I want to have kids with Hef in the next year or so and when that happens I just want it to be me and him.”

And insisting the age difference between her and Hef means nothing, she cooed, “He’s the best lover I’ve ever had.”

Meanwhile, one Monte Carlo insider says, “While the other girls hit parties wearing next to nothing and looking all glamorous, Holly stayed covered up and in the background. She even wore a jacket for many of her interviews.

“No one said anything, but her condition was on everyone’s mind - she was absent from the first two days of the festival because we were told she was sick.”

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