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Oscar Winner Tilda Swinton's Oscar Bling

By popbytes

good morning! below i've got some exclusive pictures you won't find anywhere else of best supporting actress oscar winner tilda swinton's golden statue wearing her incredible diamond bling which was provided by italian jeweler damiani (yes - the very same company that was robbed over the weekend in italy...$20 million dollars of jewels were stolen!) who cares about tilda's lackluster was all about the beautiful million dollar large diamond cuff ms. swinton was sporting along with a huge diamond ring! i'm thrilled tilda walked off with the award this past sunday - she's an incredibly talented actress who has starred in so many great films - in fact i just got michael clayton on blu-ray which i'm finally going to watch over the weekend! ms. swinton is pictured below with silvia damiani - the woman behind the gorgeous jewellery who made an appearance here on popbytes a few months ago with paris hilton (the pic was probably snapped before she found out about the big heist...i wouldn't be smiling if i was ripped off like that! hopefully the diamonds will turn up - i'd imagine it'll be hard to move the not so conspicuous jewels) as for the pictures - many thanks go out to my dear longtime friend product placement expert mary hall ross from **the ross group** who placed her client damiani on tilda - a total score all around! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!


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