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Fiercee Awards

By Fashion

Tyra Banks, the leader of this model pack, wore Jenny Packham coral chiffon gown with turquoise accents that really made her dress pop.

Camille McDonald with a very shiny wig accesscorized with a orchid, wore this mint and ivory satin Diane von Furstenberg Resort 2008 cowl neck pattern gown.

Saleisha Stowers was by far the best dressed at this event. She looks elegant in this Gucci Spring 2008 one-shouldered gown.

I am so glad she got rid of that hideous hair cut she had during ANTM.

Toccara Jones is so incredibly beautiful. I love this cerulean blue v neck gown on her. The gathered detail under her bust line draws in her waist, to give her a very sexy silhouette.

Keenyah Hill is another beautiful girl, but it is a shame she forgot everything she was taught on ANTM. Tyra would be horrified that she posed with her shoulders up like that.

I love that her make-up is light and nude, because it compliments her dress very well.

Oh my gaaawwwdd it's Jaslene Gonzales. I still can't believe she ever won ANTM.

Jaslene is very skinny, on the borderline of anorexic, and I believe this gathered dress was chosen in an attempt to deflect attention away from that, because the detail gives her more shape.

Now this is what you call fiercee. Jade Cole knows how to work it. I am not crazy about her hair, but the dress, the pose, the attitude all work for me.

Carol Alt coral dress has too much plunge for my liking.

Bianca Golden wore the wrong colour foundation and ends up looking quite ghostly here, which is a shame because her dress and shoes are fabulous.

Urgh...why did they ever pick Caridee English as a winner.

Nothing work here. It is all a certified holy hot mess.

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