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Omg - What's Going on at Britney's House?

By popbytes

oh my word - i'm was so ready to go to bed - but then i heard about (via **tmz**) a bunch of police cars (6 in total) along with an ambulance & firetruck showing up at britney spears' studio city home around 8:00pm! apparently she's refusing to give back her kids to ex-hubby kevin federline and the authorities have been called on to deal with the drama! this is totally insane - her situation & state of mind keeps on getting worse! i seriously can't see any happy ending in sight - the craziness & drama is non-stop - plus let's not forget there's two young kids involved!

britney's latest drama was also just featured on the evening news - i don't think i can sleep until i know what's going on! ok - literally as i'm writing this (11:25pm) it is being reported that jayden james & sean preston are now with 'k-fed' as of 10:50 - now get this - on the news it was said that britney was under the influence of an unknown substance - and that's why the ambulance was called in - hello insanity! this is totally out of control - oh my gosh - it's always good times when it comes to ms. spears! popbytes over & out...xxoo!

PS OMG! i'm freaking out - britney spears was wheeled out of her home on a gurney and is being taken to a local hospital for a medical evaluation - there's something seriously wrong!

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