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Oh No Ive Said Too Much. This May Be Abstruse ...

By Vespertine

Oh no, I`ve said too much.

This may be abstruse, but I`m sticking to my decision not to write too much about Lit Prof. That being said:

1) Second date tonight. Very much looking forward to it.

2) We`ve continued to send e-mails and have IM`d over the last few days. I hope this isn`t over-communicating. I still find him fascinating. And ridiculously sexy. Something about big words does that to me. And believe me, I can give as good as I`m getting here.

3) I need to remember not to identify all of the things that make me insecure during the course of conversation. I know I do this hoping that my date will tell me that he doesn`t see those sources of insecurity in me, hence invalidating my stress. I also realize that this is completely stupid, since all it really does is highlight the fact that I have those insecurities. Thus, the plan is to keep things on the positive slant.


And, back to the rest of my life.

So, I went to my 7th tattoo removal session yesterday. It is a momentous thing for me to shed this tattoo, as it has been anathema to me for years now. So, imagine my great amusement when I walked into the clinic and the music playing was the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Am I the only one to see the significance in that?

Also in the random section...

Best quote of the week (thanks ACG!)(Said in response to a date who complimented her freckles for lack of ANYTHING else to say):

What, are you going to skin me and wear me?


Further thoughts on taking things S-L-O-W.

My best friend called me last night crying hysterically. In the worst possible parallel event, her boyfriend dumped her "because he didn`t feel a spark". Uggh. The big difference here is that they had been together for 2+ years, and had known eachother for many years before that.

In any case, listening to my beautiful, charming, creative, fabulous best friend cryinf so hard she couldn`t breathe or enunciate syllables reminded me how much we risk everytime we put our hearts on the line. It is important to be able to take the risk, but I need to remember how much pain can result when one puts her heart in the wrong set of hands.

Note to self: Take it slow, V. Know what you are getting into before you get into it.

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