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Not Loving the Fiberwig Mascara

By Christina

I was sooooo geared up to love this mascara - I have heard so much talk about it, just like the “black mask” of late - but alas, I just don’t love it. In fact, I don’t even like it.

Fiberwig is a mascara out of Japan that is the hottest thing going in the beauty world over there for awhile. It has little fibers in the mascara and their tag line is “paint on false eyelashes.” First of all, really I noticed a minimal amount of lengthening, even after many, many coats. It didn’t really clump (or smudge), so in that respect its ok. I used their “tapping on the end of my lashes” method to try to get this amazing length I have heard about, but nothing impressive. And it didn’t do much in the thickening department either.

All in all, that was pretty much $22 spent on a mascara that was very average. To top things off, I think it flaked a fiber off and into my eye, and with my contacts, that was some most incredible discomfort. Yeah, yeah, I know you shouldn’t wear fiber mascara with contacts. I am still sticking with my Elizabeth Arden Double Density. I really love that stuff. And if I need real length, I loves my Shu and my Ardell lashes very much.

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