My Skin Care Routine - February 2007 ...


My Skin Care Routine - February 2007 ...
My Skin Care Routine - February 2007 ...

I guess I should get to this before the end of the month, eh? I have just finished a wonderful round of skin care from Ahava - and I highly recommend it (along with the Ahava Spa products - these are all truly exceptional skin and body care products).


Ahava">">Ahava Purifying Gel for oily skin - Love this - lathers, but not too much - it is perfect for use with my Clairsonic brush
• Still using the Neutrogena">">Neutrogena Clear Pore Astringent - still like it, but ready for it to be empty - it lasts forever it seems! Any suggestions for something new?

Ahava">">Ahava Matifying Moisturizer - during the day - it is great - I feel moisturized but not greasy at all - and I love the pump container it comes in. Fab!

Bioelements">">Bioelements Sleepwear - I have been using this at night, and it simply is a great night cream. I really love having something extra rich at night, because that is when your body is in repair mode. You all do get plenty of sleep, right?

Ahava">">Ahava Purifying Mud Mask for oily skin - this is a great mask too. It feels more gentle than my old Queen Helene standby - very nice.

What are you using that you love?

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