More Vanessa Williams Please!

good morning everybody! oh my gosh i'm so tired - i had to make a very early morning run to the airport - the good thing was there wasn't much traffic so thankfully i was able to go back to sleep for a bit when i came home! below i've got ms. vanessa williams looking fit & fabulous in her forties - gracing the cover of february's issue of **more** magazine! i've always liked her (who doesn't love 'save the best for last' or 'colors of the wind'?!?) and now she stars on one of the best TV shows on - ugly betty playing the scheming & conniving wilhelmina slater which ms. williams nails perfectly - she plays a great bitch! all of the characters on that show are awesome - it's over the top - campy - and just plain fun! underneath the cover there's a few choice quotes from inside the magazine where vanessa opens up about dating, her ex-hubby rick fox, and the good times of getting older! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

on portraying wilhelmina: "it's so much fun to play a strong, capable woman who isn't an attorney in a suit or a doctor spouting medical jargon. it's great to be so broad. usually you only get that in theater. when a director on ugly betty says, 'go bigger,' it's like, 'yeah, we'll give you bigger."

about getting older: "in your twenties you think, i've got to prove something. in your forties, you don't. you realize you don't have control over everything. many times i've said, 'what is the lesson i'm learning?' it always reveals itself."

on dating a younger man: "when i started dating rick [fox], i couldn't get my head around the fact that he is six years younger than me. i finally relaxed and said, 'ok, obviously he's into me. he's not into a number'."

to the ugly betty executive producer on sleeping with ex-husband fox on the show [fox plays wilhelmina's bodyguard and fling]: "no problem. i've done that before!"

on divorces and enduring love: "my ex-husbands are part of my life. we talk and e-mail every day. i think it's hard to have children and stop loving a person. i consider them my husbands, you know."

on loneliness and freedom: "i love having a partner, and i also enjoy having my freedom. but i'm never alone, and i never feel like i'm single, because i'm raising my kids. i always have someone to take care of.'"

thrill-seeking williams: "i love fast cars, fast horses. i've paraglided off cliffs in turkey. that, to me, is relaxing but also adventurous."

on opportunities and living: "i don't feel compelled to say yes to everything. there are so many causes and so many things that i connect with, and i cant do everything. it doesn't serve anybody if i'm exhausted and not up to par. but i'm also really happy that i'm busy and that i have these opportunities. i'm surrendering to the process and living every day, no matter what comes up."

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