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10 Things You Didnt Know about Jessica Alba

By Mercy

You don’t need to be a guy to admire Jessica’s almost perfect figure. From head to toe, she’s practically a walking magazine cover! Apart from all the headlines you read about this upcoming actress, here are 10 things you didn’t know about Jessica Alba!

a. Magazine cover girl - Go back to March 2006. Pull out an edition of Playboy and voila! Look at who’s called the ‘Sex Star of the Year’. You guessed it! Jessica steams up the scene!

b. Bikes? Now here’s one that you’ll wonder about. What’s a delicate beauty like Jessica doing with bikes? A lot! She’s lost her heart to those manly Harley Davidsons. Way to go girl!

c. Pricey! Statistics from an eBay auction held in April 2007 has revealed that the bra that Jessica wore in Sin City got a bid of a whopping $1,025! I’m wondering if it was made of gold!

d. It doesn’t stop there. 2007 was definitely a costly year. Revlon signed a deal of $5 million with Jessica! Now why aren’t we all in showbiz? It surely pays!

e. Tattoos - Three tattoos that we know of! The back of her neck sports a ladybug and a daisy. The lower back is graced with a bow and her wrist has a Padma on it. Wondering what that is? It’s a lotus flower Sanskrit symbol.

f. Everyone knows Jessica wanted to be an actress almost since she was born. But did you know she started her first diet when she was 12? That’s a shocker! Incidentally she joined acting classes around the same time. Now would you call that a coincidence? Hmm…

g. Mix breed - Her beauty can certainly be attributed to her mixed race. Her mom is of Danish and French descent and her dad is Mexican. All put together, she’s only terrific beauty!

h. All those Friday-lovers out there, here’s good news. You have something in common with Jessica Alba! She’s a Friday freak just like you are. Is it the weekend? Or is there some special meaning to it? Who knows! But Friday’s the day!

i. Did you love Fantastic Four? If so, then this should come as a surprise. Guess who was nominated for the Razzie Award in the category of ‘Worst Actress’! None other than Jessica Alba! Makes you want to watch that movie again to find out why!

j. Jessica’s health was all topsy -turvy when she was younger. She had OCD, a kidney infection, asthma and was also anorexic!

Those are just 10 things you didn’t know about Jessica Alba! If you dig deeper you’ll find a lot of secrets just waiting to be revealed!

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