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Karolina Kurkova on Life after a 13 Mil Diamond Bra ...

By fabsugar

She started out as the face of Prada at 16 and moved on to front Chanel, YSL, and Gucci campaigns. Most recently, we've seen Karolina Kurkova on the Victoria's Secret runway, where two years ago she wore a $13 million diamond bra.

But KK took some time off from her Victoria's Secret duties to pose for the February Elle UK cover where she reveals that she's nicknamed Karolina Coca-Cola, and gives us the dirt on what else she's been up to. Here are the highlights:
On throwing mobile phones at assistants, Naomi Campbell-style: "I don't even have an assistant! And I don't tend to beat people up!"• On her 2007 movie debut: "**My Sexiest Year** is set 1970s Florida. I play a character who's a stereotype of a supermodel. I took what I'd learned from watching people through the years and I had fun with it. My character is very sarcastic."• On model-actresses: "Lots of great actresses began as models . . . Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, Grace Kelly. And the two jobs complement each other. Modeling makes you aware of your body and face, the light, the clothing. It helps you start to get into character."

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