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Arnold Schwarzeneggers Amazonian Daughter Looks Just like His Twin

By steph

When remarking on a familial likeness, the quotation ‘like mother, like daughter’, is typically invoked.

But looking at former action star Arnold Schwarzenegger and his equally tall teenage daughter Christina - it appears, that the phrase may need to be amended somewhat.

The actor-turned-politician, aka ‘The Governator’, is in danger of being overlooked by his lofty daughter, who at 16, has not yet reached her full height, but is already shoulder to shoulder with her famous father.

Which is no mean feat when your father is 6ft 2 tall.

The star of the Terminator movies and the comedy Twins, in which he starred alongside diminutive actor Danny DeVito, appears to have birthed a twin of his own - in height at least.

Arnie’s daughter cut an imposing figure as she strolled next to the Hollywood star while on a shopping trip to Barney’s in New York.

Christina, whose mother, broadcast journalist Maria Shriver, is a member of the famous Kennedy clan, looked positively statuesque in her ballet-style flats, next to her ageing father who appeared somewhat shrunken in her presence.

And with a few growing years yet to go, Christina is a dead cert to outflank her once similarly imposing father, in height at least.

Meanwhile, Arnold, whose term as governor of California ends in January 2011 is said to be considering another movie comeback.

A source said: “He wants to be prepared for the time when his political career comes to an end and he’s already started thinking about it seriously.

“He believes there will be room for him in the movie business and still sees himself as a big star.”

Schwarzenegger’s spokesman didn’t deny the claim and said: “He may go back to the movies”.

The 60-year-old star’s last high-profile role was in the third instalment in the successful Terminator series, ‘Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.’ in 2003.

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