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MobileFaker Cuts a Bad Date Short

By Chip

Ever been stuck on a really bad date, wishing you had a fake emergency happen so that you could make a clean get away? Now your cell phone, armed with MobileFaker is here to save you. MobileFaker has tons of useful features that will help you make it through the horrendous world of dating. Faux Calls helps you fake a phone conversation by scheduling a call, Pick-up Lines gives you instant pick-up lines that are sure to get you slapped in the face, Get Hip Quick brings you cool pop culture facts so that you make a great conversationalist, Faux Numbers makes sure that you never have to give out your real number, and Get a Life outfits your phone with wallpaper of your fake significant other. The Full Mobile Faker service is currently available for Sprint customers, but all Wireless customers can take advantage of receiving fake incoming calls when they are in a jam for just $.99.

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