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Meet Me in St. Louis I Flew out Here to do an Ev...

By Jen

Meet me in St. Louis…

I flew out here to do an event for Jewish Federation, which has been cancelled, due to the fact that there is sleet and freezing rain and they’re expecting about a foot of snow, so I am stuck in a hotel room and I did my hair for NOTHING!

Luckily, the hotel is conveniently located across the street from a Saks, a Neiman Marcus and a Banana Republic, and I can play WXPNon my laptop while I write, so I have not exactly been suffering. It’s actually been like a little vacation, which I don’t think the incredibly apologetic event organizer, who’s all of twenty-six and sans bebes, completely understands.

Hotel room? Shopping in a nearby, nearly-empty mall? Quiet time to write, and read Television Without Pity’s recap of last week’s “Top Chef?” Followed by an uninterrupted meal during which I will have a glass of wine and will not have to cut anybody’s food except my own, or deal with a temper tantrum resulting from my putting the wrong lid on a certain party’s sippie cup? Followed by a new “Office” on TV tonight?

St. Louis is heaven!

(Except it’s in the Central Time Zone, which means they show “The Office” at 7:30, which means I missed it. Grr.)

Off to the airport. Wish me luck....

(And also, my sincere apologies to everyone who was hoping to hear me last night. The plan right now is to find a better, snow-free date and reschedule. You can find out more info here).

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