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Its Carnival Time at B5Medias Family amp Relationships Channel

By Marica

January’s here, the beginning of a new year, and with it comes a change of heart, a change of direction, a change in the way we treat ourselves. Yes, I’m talking about resolutions… or a lack thereof. We’ve got a great round-up this month! The F&R folks from b5media have set some challenges to live by this year!

Kate over at Babylune has some lovely ideas on how to live with more and less, while Kim at Blog Fabulous is determined to eat healthier this year — more of the good stuff.

Career and Kids wants to think less and do more — don’t we all, Elizabeth! Dating Dames‘ Gayla is bucking the trend and actually making a resolution to create less stress in her life… may I borrow that one? Wise words from GenBetween, who has decided to try to accept the things she cannot change. Steve at Inside Fatherhood has laid out a great plan to be a better dad. Here at Inside Motherhood, I am resolved to leave a smaller footprint on our planet.

Play Library has some great ideas for 2007 — I’ve already borrowed a few of them at SoloMother, since I decided I had enough on my plate without resolutions… Thanks, Hsien and Kerri! Thrifty Mommy’s Karen has some great resolutions, including being debt free and saving money, and Kelly’s resolutions will make every pregnant woman feel better about herself, and the rest of us laugh.

If you’re looking for inspiration this year, look no further than Anna at Widow’s Quest, who has made an ambitious five resolutions this year, seeking balance, health, and happiness…

Whatever your goals this year, we wish you well. It’s easier to stick to your ideals when you surround yourself with people who share them, so pick a resolutions buddy and keep your spirits up and your determination burning bright. We’ll be here all year long if you need a little company!

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