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Nancy Pelosi Rocks Grandma with a Gavel Indeed.

By Marica

Ruth Markus over at the Washington Post writes a great article, Grandma With a Gavel, that deftly weaves politics and motherhood into a mantle of greatness for one Speaker of the House to wear. It’s not enough to be chuffed that there’s a woman Speaker of the House… it’s bloody brilliant that she’s so utterly perfect for the first woman to fill those shoes.

“Powerful” and “mommy” are not concepts we’re used to holding simultaneously. We’ve become accustomed to women who appear comfortable wielding influence without denying their femininity; think Condoleezza Rice in those high-heeled boots or posing for Vogue in a strapless black gown. But powerful women who also happen to be mommies have tended to play down the mommy thing, almost as if they think it would diminish their ability to be taken seriously. In a world where women are suspected of failing to comprehend throw-weights, having a baby on board isn’t a traditional road map for success. Pelosi is playing it differently: motherhood as preparation for public office. “Having five children in six years is the best training in the world for speaker of the House,” she told the AARP Bulletin. “It made me the ultimate multitasker and the master of focus, routine and scheduling.”

I knew these past three and three quarters years were good for something. I’m going to tuck a picture of Ms. Pelosi into my portfolio for my interview on Friday, just to remind myself that motherhood is good training for the rest of life. I mean, come on. “Herding cats” is on my resume, under “Additional Skills”!

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